• JRO serves as facilitator and primary researcher for a diverse Task Force exploring ways to improve the career and financial trajectory of graduating seniors.

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  • JRO provided strategy and facilitation support for the Capitol City’s recent community conversation regarding the causes, impacts and potential responses to increasing homelessness.

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  • Jason Robertson served as facilitator for the development of a new regional utility. The Discovery Clean Water Alliance is up and running, providing connections to its Vancouver-based wastewater treatment plant.

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Special Assignments: Other Examples

  • City of Lacey Communications Plan
  • Kingston Reclaimed Water Plant Outreach
  • Port of Kalama Annexation
  • Hillsboro Annexation and Tax District Withdrawal
  • Port of Centralia Industrial Site Public Outreach
  • Port of Everett Customer Satisfaction Survey and Communications Plan
  • Port of Olympia Communications Planning and Public Outreach
  • Port of Tacoma Rail Logistics Center Feasibility