• JRO led Intercity Road Trip, a public engagement project to chart the future of public transportation in Thurston County based on community priorities.

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  • JRO recently led Port Olympia Vision 2050, a community-engagement effort to shape the future of this 100-year-old special district.

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  • For average wage earners in the San Juan Islands, home ownership has long been out of reach and rental rates have only continued to escalate. Opinions, sometimes strident, differ on how to address the challenge.

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Strategic Planning: Other Examples

  • Downtown Olympia Action Plan
  • Lacey Makerspace Planning
  • LOTT Satellite Reclaimed Water Treatment Facilities
  • LOTT Budd Inlet Treatment Plant, Satellite Facility Outreach
  • Pac Mtn WDC Industry and Business Engagement Planning
  • Pierce County Chambers Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade
  • Thurston County Economic Development Element, Comprehensive Plan
  • Timberland Regional Library Summit
  • Tumwater Brewery District Planning Project