JRO recently led Port Olympia Vision 2050, a community-engagement effort to shape the future of this 100-year-old special district. During preliminary outreach, the team collected nearly 10,000 comments about the Port’s role in economic development, marine shipping, airport operations, real estate holdings, public asset management and environmental sustainability. With input from a 27-member Task Force, the team developed a vision statement and proposed actions for the community review phase.

The team attended dozens of events and community group presentations and promoted participation in an ideas survey using a variety of techniques and materials, including: project website and fact sheet; bookmarks; native plant seed cards; sunglasses; dog frisbees; hats; and reusable shopping bags.

The vision and action plan were unanimously accepted by the Port Commission in summer 2018. JRO has also provided the Port ongoing strategic communications support for many years, from emergency response strategies to proactive stakeholder communications content.

Port of Olympia Vision 2050